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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a thought-provoking narrative experience from the creators of The Red Strings Club. Featuring a richly diverse cast of characters, Tarot-like card creation, divination, and a branching story that spans time and space, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood explores themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility in a beautifully hand-crafted universe.

You play as Fortuna, a Witch living exiled on an asteroid who forms a pact with a forbidden creature in the hopes of regaining her freedom. Reconnect with your Witch friends after a 200-year-long exile, meet new Witches, and use the cards you created to pierce through their pasts and futures. As you delve into this universe, you will see yourself immersed in the complex web of interests that surround your coven, leading to a political plot that will define the fate of the Cosmic Witch society.

  • Spellbinding Story - Enjoy a complex narrative spanning decades as Fortuna comes to terms with her power and the impact her decisions have on others and the fate of her Coven.
  • Arcane Deck Building - Craft unique divination cards from hundreds of possibilities to help you understand and determine the fate of the characters you encounter.
  • Magical Music - More than 3 hours of bewitching original music by the celebrated composer fingerspit.
  • Enchanting Visuals - Savour the stunning hand-crafted pixel art visuals and a huge cast of deliciously designed witches from all walks of life.


Buy Now$17.99 USD or more

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Truly beautiful visuals, story and music

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Not feeling too great since finishing this, I feel like I need time to recover.. buuut still, I'm glad I got to experience it and can't imagine all the hardwork that went into it, thanks guys <3

spoiler : I love Abramar so I didn't betray him,  just gave him The coven instead.. I don't think he'd be a worst leader than Aedana anyway. I think the choice of giving him our immortality isn't bad either because Fortuna is amazing enough and can just ascend again (or maybe she needs a break? dunno)


Man that is alot of text even for a text based adventure game.


I don't think so

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Omg I agree with this person, I mean yesterday I drank water and it was too wet and liquid for my taste and the day before I was hungry and I went and  ate some food?! (face palms) stupid!!. Geez, life is so confusing  give me a break.


I love this game. I got it on Switch, and it’s incredibly inspirational. 

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I love this game so much, I really cared about all the characters until the end, thank you!


I have it on my Switch— such a great game.

Gamepad support?


Love this game (that I bought on Steam) ! I'm on my third save, it's so fun to try new ways to play :) Maybe it could have a better icon tho, there's a lot of cool symbols that would look good for this ! Like the three eyes, the cosmic wheel, or a mini version of the card's back ?


this game is amazing, I love the idea of going through a journey to regain your freedom. Fortuna is really relatable


How many hours of game play is this?


Absolutely shook by how good this game is! The art, the lore! You can tell they really researched A LOT of mythology for this thing but they ended up with something entirely unique. Beautiful, touching, and at times, horrifying  10/10


great game!


Why can't a game be cool without the LGBT insert


>why do I only like games made by LGBT people

i dunno how to tell you this, kid


by that logic, other games have a straight insert? When almost all games are straight, why do people complain about little queer representation?

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Umm, options? I mean I'm bi so I enjoy both hot dogs and buns so I might be biased but you do know gay/bi people exist and they would like options in games like this right? Besides if i were a woman and took a lookt at Dalhia... I would become a lesbian ipso facto (that means by that very fact or act, in case your allergic to books too, beside gay stuff... too much? nah you deserve it) Also the game has a male RO called Abramar (I believe is the snake muscled four armed snake good-looking god dude in the 4th pic up there) so... not so gay if that bothers you? This isn't Netflix ma dude, you won't find forced inclusion here.


The art is stunning !! I can't imagine the amount of time it needed. The game looks so good


it looks soo good!!! i want it :(




Creatives deserve to be paid for the work they do


bro i saw his comment and was like "this guy has no idea how exhausting and time consuming this games take to be finished" like the dev propably spent weeks if not months to finish it just for it to be free XD


Probably a year to 3 years.
I have one game that is releasing on here that took me about a year to make and another game that I have been working on for maybe 3 years now.

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If you look under the "Female Protagonist" & "LGBT" tags you'll find a massive amount of free or pay what you want games. Some of them are actually quite good. Like NPCKC or nomnomnami's stuff. But as poison.ivy.maze said, creatives deserve to be paid. So if you see a good pay what you want game, try at least give something.

The concept of work is abstract to you isn't it?


Any chance of a Mac or Linux version?


It runs flawlessly with Proton.