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Terra Nil is a game about transforming a barren, lifeless landscape into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Turn dead soil into fertile grassland, clean polluted oceans, plant sprawling forests, and create the ideal habitat for animals to call home. Then recycle your buildings and leave no trace that you were there. Reclaim the wasteland.

A reverse city builder

Use advanced eco-technology to purify the soil, creating plains, wetlands, beaches, rainforests, wildflowers, and more—then efficiently recycle everything you've built, leaving the environment pristine for its new animal inhabitants.

Different maps every time

Procedurally generated landscapes mean no two playthroughs of Terra Nil will ever be the same. Plan your build around randomized, challenging, and unpredictable terrain, including snaking rivers, mountains, lowlands, and oceans.

A natural ebb and flow

Each region of Terra Nil progresses through phases, with the ultimate goal being leaving pristine wilderness behind. Levels are not about infinite growth, but rather balancing and nurturing the environment before leaving it in peace.

Experience tranquility

Lush hand-painted environments, relaxing music, and an atmospheric ambient soundscape make Terra Nil a peaceful, meditative experience. When you're done, use Appreciate mode to bask in the natural beauty of the ecosystem you have restored.

Devolver Digital, Free Lives
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Mar 28, 2023
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorsDevolver Digital, Free Lives
GenreStrategy, Puzzle
TagsCity Builder, Isometric, nature, Relaxing
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesArabic, German, English, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)


Buy Now$24.99 USD or more

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TerraNil_v1.0.4_Win.zip 856 MB
TerraNil_v1.0.4_Linux.tar.gz 1.3 GB
TerraNil_v1.0.4_Mac.tar.gz 870 MB


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Thanks for a great game!

Is there a way to get the GoG Deluxe edition here at Itch.io with artbook and soundtrack?

And would there ever be sales of this game on Itch.io?

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loving the game. so glad i was able to get it here for linux.

Loving it. It lags like hell on my Intel Arc770, 20 core cpu. unplayable. maybe i play it on my notebook potato.

i played this game on mobile before might download it on my pc 






Thanks for providing a DRM-free version here on itch! Highly appreciated.


Does buying it here include a steam key?




hey was this ever a flash game or am i misremembering?


I don’t know if it was made with flash but it was indeed an online game. If I remember correctly I played it on itchio a long time ago. They made it into a whole game!


I don't believe it was flash but it was a free game made for a game jam about a year or 2 ago.


Wow, I saw this was the featured game in the magazine The Week Jr!




The devs have said that it's coming, but they're trying to fix performance issues.

This game is incredible and I've a question.

What is difference between itch.io's version and steam version?


DRM free on itch.io

Deleted post

I will wait for Mac OS release too...
Or maybe Nintendo Switch, who knows...

Will there be an app release?


yes its out, but u need netflix to play it


Netflix Games is a thing now, and they've been porting a ton of Indie games to the App Store. If you have Netflix, you can also play Oxenfree, Spiritfarer, Before Your Eyes, Into the Breach, 12 Minutes, Kentucky Route Zero, and Exploding Kittens among others, though I can't vouch for the quality


TBH my first reaction when I heard that this supremely solarpunk game was only available through Netflix was also incredulity. :P


Congrats on the release! I would love to play this on Mac OS!


Thank you! Mac and Linux builds are coming soon. We have working builds, but performance wasn't there yet, so we're working on them some more to get more acceptable fps before releasing those too.


Great to know they’re coming! Can’t wait for Linux support.

Yay thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to it 💕