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DOES work on Steam Deck

does this run on playdate?  ive seen it added to some playdate game collections recently.  you should add the "playdate" tag if so ;)

I came here wondering the same thing, the graphics would work great on the Play.Date, so hopefully they port it and sell it on the Catalogue at some point!


If it's MINIT then it's MINIT


I really enjoyed this one. Might actually give the main game a chance.


This game would be perfect for the Playdate!

do you know if they ever ported it? 


Working 100% under Linux with Wine / Lutris!


what gameengine used to make i


Gamemaker Studio


looks really neat ! but needs a linux version :^|


A native version would be nice, but since there's been no response to this an a year, have you considered using something like Wine? I've had some success with it before.

I'm also finding something called Lutris. I haven't tried it out personally, though, so can't say how well it works.

I use wine from time to time. And it works often but not always. I usually don’t buy a game if I’m not sure I can play it… I’ll have a look at Lutris it looks great, thanks for the tip.

Also, I had the opportunity to try Minit Fun Racer on a windows and it’s as good as it looks!

Good luck with Lutris. I hope it works great for you!

I'm eager to try this game. The new bundle has me buried in so many new games 😬


You can also run it via the linux version of Steam, you need to use the Add Non Steam Game to Library function. Once you have added it to the library you right click on the name of the game and change the compatibility to use Proton Experimental.

Lutris / Wine is running fine. All Windows games from the Ukraine bundle i have tried worked fine with wine / lutris

Works perfectly with Proton!

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I'm brazilian, how can i get the game?


They have a steam link

Thank you <3 !


which charity?



What a great game! I really loved minit, and this is a perfect minigame take on both the mechanics and graphics. Congrats on another soon to be classic game!


Works great on Linux through Wine if anyone is wondering.

Seems broken under Sway though. Can't interact with the window at all.

Tested on Manjaro via i3


Any chance for a MacOS version?

Yep, I’d like that, too.

Just downloaded it 30 minutes ago and getting that Shader Error on start. :(

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shdSwap

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_MetaCont_Draw_76
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Added an alternate download link for that should work as long as you don't change the brightness/darkness settings. Sorry about that!


Thank you! :3

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I'm getting the same Vortex Shader error on the Steam version, are you able to update that version as well?

Edit: Turns out this has already been fixed, thank you!