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shit i remeber 11.45 vivid life as one of the first games i found when i started getting into indie art games. i've been so into them since the last AAA game a played was the RE2 remake


These are some of THE BEST games I have ever played on and I'm not exaggerating. They left such a large mark on me when I played them one by one. The storytelling's miraculous, the graphics are lovely, the way the story and message is portrayed with such subtle emotion, it really tugged all the right heart strings for me. Recommend this immensely!


Uuh! Instant buy :) Unfortunately I'm having troubles installing it using the desktop app. Here's the error I receive:


Missed a check box. Please try it now!

Works now, thank you :)


Too bad it's Windows only, but I do love your creative work. Especially Red Strings Club. So in hopes that maybe a Mac Version might come out in the future I'm definitely buying the collection! Keep up the good work :)