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Are you going to update this game here? It and also the GOG version even are missing a bunch of patches that Steam got...

Just wanted to share that the ending song and all the concept of freedom impacted me DEEPLY. Definitely a personal favourite title.

Could you please release the Mac version here or/and at

Small complaint about the game. the effects look very good, but I wish I could tone them down in the options, cause my computer is an old man, and it's sometime hard to run the game properly.

Loved the gameplay, loved the music, loved the graphics. Everything was just PERFECT. I have made a review video of ApeOut, do check it out and share with others. 


Saw your steam sale, googled "itch ape out", bought here.
Devolver, pls put more games on this platform! :)

(steam keys would be nice, but I'd rather just buy on here period)

This version is way outdated and missing a bunch of patches that Steam got.

I commented 2 years ago. don’t @ me bruh


I'm not blind... I purposely replied. Pardon me for trying to make you aware of the issue.


WOW! What a wonderful game you guys have here! I love the graphics, them colors, the gameplay, and the music is really good too. 

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This is honestly amazing...Can't begin to explain how much fun the core gameplay loop is. Fantastic job!!

This game is too good. You should improve the landing page! Make it stand out more..

The trailer left me with a mouth wide open!